Set Of 2 Pestbye Battery Operated Cat Repeller V2 - Easy To Use Ultrasonic Cat Scarer with HyperResonance Frequency

This unit has been designed using our considerable experience to be as effective as possible in repelling cats without the need of complicated dials. The unit covers such a wide variety of frequencies that adjustment dials are simply no longer needed, enabling us to provide you with the best, most user-friendly unit to date.

Easy to use

Unlike some products on the market, the set-up for this simply involves adding batteries and pushing the stake gently into the ground at the desired location. Designed using components that match quality with cost effectiveness to create a product that's effective but simple to use. There is nothing to set up, no settings to tweak - it's just 'plug and play'!

HRF - HyperResonance Frequency

Cats have a better sense of hearing than dogs. Their upper range sits between 60-65kHz, which enables them to hear kittens, mice, and this repeller! The ultrasonic sound wave emitted has been carefully engineered to ensure the sound covers a frequency range which provides maximum resonance within the ear canal of a variety of cats with different levels of hearing.

Other Key Product Features

- Rainproof - IP44 rated, making it suitable for outdoor use
- Reliable PIR motion sensor - integrated into the repeller at just the right height
- Safe method of deterring pests - no need for dangerous traps or poisons
- Easy to install - insert stake into soft ground or a plantpot


- Height 12cm (4¾ins)
- Width 9cm (3½ins)
- Depth 5.2cm (2in)
- Weight 230g

Our Effectiveness Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the performance of this product, return it to us within 45 days and, provided you've had it running for at least a month, we'll refund the cost of the item (less postage).

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

EUIPO Community Registered. Design No. 003096437-0001

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