Zero In Cedarwood Clothes Moth Repeller - 24 Balls

For an alternative to using old-fashioned smelly moth balls, use Zero In’s Cedarwood Balls to repel adult moths and their larvae from your clothes. Made from 100% natural Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar, which has been trusted to freshen and protect clothes for centuries, the long lasting fragrance will penetrate garments and fabrics, repel moths and prevent the build up of mildew and musty smells from where clothes are stored. A completely natural treatment – no dangerous chemicals means they are safe to use around children and pets. These balls can be placed in drawers and cupboards where clothes are stored and if the aroma begins to weaken simply refresh by rubbing with a fine grain of sandpaper or use Zero In’s Refresher Spray (product code: ZER039, sold separately).
For best results, ensure your clothes are always thoroughly clean and dry before storing. Refresh or replace every 6-12 months.
Does this product kill the moths? No this is a repellent product. Moths do not like the scent and so are less likely to destroy fabrics in the vicinity.How does it work? Moths are repelled by the scent of the cedarwood balls and therefore will not go near where the product is placed.Will the scent of the wood damage my clothes? For use with delicate or white clothing, insert a layer of toilet tissue around the product to prevent prolonged contact and eliminate possible marks.How do I use it? Put the cedarwood balls in pockets of clothes and between layers of garments. Place in drawers and corners of wardrobes.How many should I use per item of clothing? Place one cedar ball in the pocket of each stored garment where hanging, or between alternate layers of clothing where folded.Will these fragrance my clothes? The fragrance should not be strong enough to fragrance your clothes.

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