Blagdon Clear Pond - 1000ml

Everybody wants the idyllic pond, nice clear water and attractive plants and fish. The reality is that pond water can easily become murky and viewing can be difficult. Murky water is generally caused by particles in the water which can interfere with fish health by blocking up gill membranes. It can also prevent light from reaching submerged plants within your pond.

Murky water can be reversed by using Interpet Clear Pond Treatment which acts to clump together these small particles in the water so they are more easily filtered out by your pond pump. The end result is a more appealing pond with improved water quality and healthier fish and plants.


  • Interpet Clear Pond 1 litre (treats 22,730 litres or 5,000 gallons of pond water)

Please note the Interpet Pond Brand is changing to Blagdon, either name could be shown on your product, it is the same high quality product inside the easy to use bottle.

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