8 SMD LED Waterproof Solar Security Light by SPV Lights: The Solar Lights & Lighting Specialists (Free 2 Year Warranty)

Proof that powerful things can come in small packages. This compact 8 SMD LED Solar Security Light is discreet and easy to use in small spaces yet really delivers on the security front.

You'll be amazed at the brightness that emits from the eight SMD LEDs and the result is peace of mind with illumination and safety for your garden and outdoor areas. The SMD technology within this solar powered security light provides enhanced performance.

The motion sensor instructs the light to automatically come on when anyone approaches. This makes it perfect for deterring prowlers, or simply for providing a reassuring light when you return home on a dark evening. It also provides a convenient light when you are heading outdoors after dark, for example to empty your rubbish bins.

With a 5 metres detection range, the light will illuminate in high bright for 15 seconds once motion is detected. The light stays on constant in low brightness mode until motion is detected.

Where to use

Its small design means it's hardly noticeable when fixed to a wall, fence or doorway. You can position it anywhere where you need light and security at the front, rear, or side of your house, or anywhere in the garden.

How it works

During the day, the integral solar panel is charged simply by the power of the sun. Then after dark, your light automatically activates. This happens every day, without you having to do a thing. So once installed, the light looks after itself.

These security lights also work in wintery weather as they have been designed for the UK climate and will charge even on a cloudy day.


After switching the light on, just choose where to position the unit. Its lightweight design means you can attach it to a wide range of surfaces and the light simply screws into position.


• Height: 11.5cm

• Width: 8.5cm

• Depth: 4.5cm

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